What age are the students that are allowed to apply?

The global youth collective is focused on equipping, educating, and empowering middle school and high school students. This is often between the ages of 12-17.

Is there a cost?

The global youth collective costs $120 per student, which covers materials, as well as food for each cohort event.  However, we are committed to being a program the empowers the next generation in multi-cultural communities which means full-scholarships are always available. 

Who is the director of the global youth program?

Daniel Sadlier, Director and Board member of the Roosevelt Island Center of Community Development leads the global youth collective.  Though many RICCD programs are led by other NYC leaders, Dan has specifically chosen to directly impact the youth collective on Roosevelt Island. Daniel and his family moved from the city of Detroit to Roosevelt Island in 2013 after launching and leading various community development initiatives in and around the city of Detroit. With a focus on youth, leadership development, and racial reconciliation, Daniel has previously served on the board of "Impilo", a South African global-youth media company, a Detroit-youth initiative empowering 500+ youth in cross-cultural leadership, and was part of leadership Detroit as a highlighted city leader for the Detroit Regional Chamber.  As a father of 6, and someone passionate about seeing Roosevelt Island continue to be a source of life and diversity for the whole city.

What type of students is the global youth collective looking for?

Generally speaking the collective is looking at three things.

1) Teachability- Is the student teachable and open to leaders challenging their intellect and character?

2) Consistency- Is the student able to be consistently committed to the laid out cohort dates?

3) Desire- Though we don't feel like it is our place to determine whether or not a student has the potential to be influential or have impact in their future, we do look for the desire to positively impact culture and others.  Is there an outward focus towards caring for and influencing others?

How many students are received into the collective?

This year, 15-20 students will be received into the collective.  The collective fights to stay small(er) so that our mentoring process can be succinct and effective toward the different personalities of each unique students.