Today, almost one-half of the world’s population is 21 years old or younger. Ready or not, they will lead our world into the future. Generation Y (Millenials), and Generation Z are ready to change the world and we can help them.

The global youth collective is focused on excellent youth leadership training and character development for middle school and high school students. Through relevant and innovative events and resources, we equip the next generation and the parents, teachers, coaches and mentors who shape their lives.  

Once admitted into the program, each student will be assigned a mentor who will help them succeed through the 6 month learning cohort with the aim of educating, equipping, and empowering each student to lead. Each cohort ends by launching teams of students into global impact projects.


2017 Schedule: Each session includes the following

1- Food and Fun (A time to eat, hang out, and break the ice)

2- Teaching input (An interactive teaching on the specific content featuring an established and compelling leader from various fields (i.e. political, law, athletic, entertainment, sciences, humanitarian, and academia)

3- Social Space (time to work on their global impact project with their specific teams)

4- Report out (This specific time is given for each team to report out on their plans and what they must start or stop as individuals and collectively to see their plan succeed.)


Session 1  | Orientation Kick off with parents, guardians, mentors, and students

Session 2  | Leadership ethics & Strengths Assessment  

Session 3  | Self Leadership: Time management and priorities

Session 3  | Culture Creation: Moving from peer pressure to being a positive influence

Session 4  | Emotional Intelligence

Session 5  | Conflict

Session 6  | Dinner, celebration, and check in with mentors

Session 7  | Project Management & Strategic Leadership

Session 8  | Public Speaking 1

Session 9  | Public Speaking 2

Session 10  | Technology and social media

Session 11| Cross Cultural Leadership and Reconciliation

Session 12| IMPACT- Dream, Celebrate, and Move! (Parents, Guardians, and Mentors included)