RICCD exists to equip and empower high capacity, high character leaders for the physical, social, and cultural flourishing of Roosevelt Island. We do this primarily through the networking, resourcing, and training of program leaders.

Our Culture

Every leader we empower and every program we support is aligned with one of the following cultural values.

Bridging the divide 

We live in one of the most socioeconomically diverse neighborhoods in the world.  We believe people are at their best when they live on purpose with and for those that are different than them.  Our leaders and their programs are those who represent those living with privelage and those under-resourced.  Our leaders and their programs work diligently to bridge the gap, creating mission-critical relationships between both for the benefit of both.

Building global leaders

Our island is home to the world, and because of it we have the opportunity to create leaders that go on to influence cities and countries around the globe for the better.  Our leaders and their programs are those who take character and leadership development seriously.  Whether a youth soccer program or vocational training process, each will have the aim of creating leaders that have the capacity to have an impact around the world.

Believing in the next generation 

A political leader once said, "we are never more than one generation away from complete victory or utter defeat."  What comes of the next generation matters deeply. We believe our neighborhood is only as good as our youth.  For that reason, many of our leaders and their programs are those who equip, educate, and empower the youth of the island.

Benefiting those living on the margins of society  

The narrative of Roosevelt Island has always been richly unique in the landscape of New York City.  Still today, the island is home to many on the margins of society (seniors, immigrants, and those living with disability) who cannot sustain life elsewhere in New York.  Our leaders and their programs are those who tactfully affirm the dignity within those who are often pushed to the margins by societal structures and systems.

Idealism detached from action is just a dream. But idealism allied with pragmatism, with rolling up our sleeves and making the world bend a bit, is very exciting, very real, and very strong.

Our Development PHILOSOPHY

  • We are committed to holistic community development, one that equitably and thoughtfully integrates care and concern for the, physical, emotional, and social conditions of our neighborhood.
  • We have chosen to work exclusively on Roosevelt Island and within the 10044 geographical footprint. We live here, raise our families here, and will remain here to promote the value, dignity and worth of the island.
  • We have chosen to spend our time focused on leadership (finding and developing leaders) as much as developing programs.  We believe high impact leaders will naturally lead to high impact programs.
  • We affirm that community development happens best when organizations step outside the shadow of top-down approaches and into to the homes, schools, and third spaces (restaurants, libraries, parks cafes, etc.) of Roosevelt island. To that end, we strive to account for the uniqueness of Roosevelt Island.
  • We believe that community development begins and ends with the empowerment of the families and individuals of which the 10044 footprint consists.
  • We are not merely about ideas, initiatives, plans or projects: we are first and foremost about people.